I Live Victoria – You Live Saanich

22 03 2017

Hello Vintage Car Fans! Although my series is over for now I’m still working in local TV as a host for a new series called Where You Live: Saanich. Even though I live in Victoria we don’t make much distinction between the various municipalities here, and it makes no difference at all regarding the subject of my segment – Gordy Dodd, well know furniture store owner and star of his own famous TV ads here in the Capital Region. I recently interview Gordy at his home, and here is that show. Wait one minute and my segment will begin. I hope you enjoy it.

Where You Live: Saanich

Vintage Cars of Victoria – Episode IV

24 10 2016
It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Hear the mighty Chevy engines rumble… it’s the Corvette show! This is it folks, the last of the series of four on Shaw TV. It’s been almost one year since we shot Episode I. As much as I’d love to keep going there are others who also want to get a shot at stardom, such as it is, and so farewell for the moment. I’m actively exploring producing my own shows in future, and there may well be another episode one day. I hope to see you there. Once again a big thank you to Shaw TV Victoria, and to Orlando Carillo for cameras, direction, and production. Super job!


Warning (Black Sabbath)

21 10 2016

I’ve put up three YouTube videos of a local group called Warning, a Black Sabbath cover band recorded at My Pub, Howard Johnson’s, Gorge Rd, Victoria.

Daryll Duus – vocals, Dennis Siemens – bass, Iain Rose – drums, Aaron Grimshaw – guitar.

They are the house band every Thursday at The Loft open mike in Victoria.

Check them out here, and have a look at these and more under the MUSIC VIDEOS tab on the main menu above.

The Wizard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwRRuSnojvE

Hand of Doom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m3oE6nQHpE

Electric Funeral https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K40jWA5UHno


Angel Harbour

1 10 2016

I’m delving into my own video productions. Here is the first one. I had an idea to combine scenes at the beach with a tune I wrote and recorded. Hope you like it!

Episode 4 in the Works

31 08 2016
Hello, I'm Joey Scarfone and this is not my car, damn!

Hello, I’m Joey Scarfone and this is not my car, damn!

Two Saturday’s ago, August 20th, we shot Episode Four in my TV series “Vintage Cars of Victoria”. This show features three Corvettes, a C1 and two C2’s. That’s lingo for the first and second body styles. C1 is the car made famous in the TV series Route 66; C2 is known as Sting Ray. Weather was perfect, and we all had a great time. Our hosts, Jim Sloan and Maryellen Echle, graciously provided use of their driveway, garage and home – along with food, refreshments and endless enthusiasm for Corvettes and the show. As usual, in charge of production for Shaw TV was Orlando Carillo, aided by faithful volunteer helpers and my buddy Don who took pictures of the fun.

Orlando and helpers

Orlando and helpers

The show is now in production and expected soon. I think they get better every time!

1963 Split Window Sting Ray - John Morris

1963 Split Window Sting Ray – John Morris

John’s car was also in my book, and featured in a calendar published by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).

Here’s a slightly later version Sting Ray:

1966 Sting Ray - purchased new and still owned by Jim Colwill

1966 Sting Ray – purchased new and still owned by Jim Colwill

Thanks to all for being so kind and helpful. This show couldn’t happen without you.

Jim Sloan dusting his 1960 C1

Jim Sloan dusting his 1960 C1

Cameo Appearance on “GO”

6 08 2016

My transition from jeweler to “vintage car personality” has just been featured in a local TV feature on Shaw, produced by the same folks who provided me the opportunity and means to produce the TV series. Many thanks to Shaw TV, again. Here is the link to the show.



Deuce Days – Victoria 2016

26 07 2016

Last weekend was the Deuce Days here. It happens every few years but I heard this one may be the last. I hope not! It’s a great show, and people come with their cars from all over, like Australia. No kidding – Australia!!!

It’s mostly ’32 Fords but there are lots of other cars, too. They take over the town for a few days and then they’re gone…

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