This Old Typewriter

18 12 2015

My friend Don Nathan, who designed my book Vintage Cars of Victoria, blogs at This is a post from a few years ago about vintage car restoring, and typewriters. I hope you enjoy it.


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Video Shoot With Shaw

5 12 2015

The Shaw team at work

Shooting a video is really not like anything else. It is time consuming, labour intensive, technically demanding and last but not least, a whole lot of fun. Technically demanding is where Shaw TV comes in. Being a community oriented station, they take ordinary people, like me, who have a unique idea, like a tv show on vintage cars, and turn it into reality. The shoot two weeks ago started at 10:00 am and finished at 4:00 pm. Six hours of shooting to produce 25 minutes of footage. As I write today I am anxiously looking forward to the editing process and seeing the final product. One of the really cool things about the whole show is that I get to use one of my songs as the theme music for the show. This will add to the uniqueness of the show and also eliminate any problems with copywright infringment issues regarding musical content. Opportunities like this don’t come around every day and can lead to other things, like more shows, more cars and more music. As a musician I am always listening to the background music on tv shows or movies; even bad ones. Music is like the supporting cast in a movie. Think of the background music in the Good The Bad and The Ugly. Awah ooh a Wahhhhh…. Wah Wah Wahhhhhh. Those few notes brought spaghetti westerns into the iconic realm of the movie world. With this first production I am using one song and soundbites from it. Should a show on muscle cars happen, it would call for a whole new score. Enter the Doctor Bird guitar and the Roland GR 20 guitar synthesizer. For a sample of what I’m talking about, check out my videos on the site.

Car Culture In Victoria

3 12 2015

Orlando, Christon and myself


Admiring the motor

When people ask me why I published a book on Victoria’s vintage cars I simply say that it hasn’t been done and it needed to be documented. Some of the rarest cars in the world live right here in our beautiful city. Summertime brings out all the car shows up and down the island. Oak Bay and Sidney close their main street for a one day car show. Very few other events get this kind of attention. The shows are very well organized and run very professionally. The Old English Car Club is the largest club on the island. They meet on the third monday of every month at Heritage Acres. If you like Monty Python humor you will enjoy their meetings. The upcoming TV show I am producing will be promoting all things related to the car culture; shows, clubs and private collections. As my computer skills catch up to my photographic skills I will be posting more pictures on this blog. There are litterally thousands of cars and car collections in victoria and I will brining them to television as the opportunities arise.

More on The Pilot Shoot

2 12 2015

Shaw TV has been very gracious as far as helping me make my vintage car show come to reality. Orlando Carillo and crew gave a whole day of their time doing the filming. It is now in the editing phase and hopefully will be completed soon. Shaw also like my demo for the theme music “Movin’ On” so I recorded it with a six piece band. Christon Smith who owns the two Rolls Royce was also very accommodating, offering refreshments to warm the body and soul.

scene 1, take 3

scene 1, take 3

Shaw TV Pilot Show

1 12 2015

A week ago last Saturday we shot the  pilot show for my TV series to be called Vintage Cars of Victoria. It was a perfect day for the shoot, cold but sunny. A terrific crew of three people from Shaw TV showed up at the site of Christon Smith’s garden business on Blenkinsop Road at 10:00 am and we worked non stop until 4:00 pm.

Would you buy a used Rolls Royce from this man?

Would you buy a used Rolls Royce from this man?