Eye on the Street 2

15 02 2016

Due to the overwhelming response to Eye on the Street 1, I’m doing EOTS2 early…

Eye on the Street 1

12 02 2016

On my way to and from the shop I observe lots of interesting things. I always carry my pocket camera, which is tiny and convenient, unlike the big DSLR, which is heavy, and announces its presence. I like the little point and shoot; it’s non-threatening, and although not equal in terms of image quality, nevertheless enables me to grab pictures without feeling like I’m intruding on anyone’s space.

We Are on TV

4 02 2016

The show is airing now, but the schedule varies, and of course unless you’re here in Victoria you won’t be able to see it on the TV. But it is on YouTube! Shaw, and Orlando, the producer/cameraman, have done a wonderful job with this first show. I am very grateful to them for picking up the idea and providing me the crew, and the production. Thank you Shaw TV, Victoria!

If you have any comments about the show that you think the producers at Shaw TV would be interested in, please send them here:


You can always contact me of course at joey@vintagecarsvictoria.com

Thanks for watching; I hope to get going on Episode II soon.