Vintage Cars of Victoria – the Mascots Show

22 04 2016

Vintage Cars of Victoria Episode 2 is now on YouTube. Many thanks to Shaw TV for a wonderful job, again! Show number 3 is already in the planning stage, and will be shot at an upcoming car show the last weekend in May.

Vintage Cars of Victoria, episode II

18 04 2016

In March we shot the video for the second episode of Vintage Cars of Victoria for Shaw TV.  Orlando Carillo set up and directed the shoot again, and it looks like a good one. This show features the mascot & hood ornament collection of Jim Colwill, who has been collecting since he was 15 years old. Jim’s retired now, so just imagine what he’s got. But wait, you don’t have to – we’ve just done a show all about it! Here are a few still shots taken by my assistant producer and buddy, Don Nathan. The show is almost ready for broadcast, and I will be advising as soon as it goes out on YouTube as well.