Vintage Cars of Victoria – Episode IV

24 10 2016
It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Hear the mighty Chevy engines rumble… it’s the Corvette show! This is it folks, the last of the series of four on Shaw TV. It’s been almost one year since we shot Episode I. As much as I’d love to keep going there are others who also want to get a shot at stardom, such as it is, and so farewell for the moment. I’m actively exploring producing my own shows in future, and there may well be another episode one day. I hope to see you there. Once again a big thank you to Shaw TV Victoria, and to Orlando Carillo for cameras, direction, and production. Super job!


Warning (Black Sabbath)

21 10 2016

I’ve put up three YouTube videos of a local group called Warning, a Black Sabbath cover band recorded at My Pub, Howard Johnson’s, Gorge Rd, Victoria.

Daryll Duus – vocals, Dennis Siemens – bass, Iain Rose – drums, Aaron Grimshaw – guitar.

They are the house band every Thursday at The Loft open mike in Victoria.

Check them out here, and have a look at these and more under the MUSIC VIDEOS tab on the main menu above.

The Wizard

Hand of Doom

Electric Funeral


Angel Harbour

1 10 2016

I’m delving into my own video productions. Here is the first one. I had an idea to combine scenes at the beach with a tune I wrote and recorded. Hope you like it!