Deuce Days – Victoria 2016

26 07 2016

Last weekend was the Deuce Days here. It happens every few years but I heard this one may be the last. I hope not! It’s a great show, and people come with their cars from all over, like Australia. No kidding – Australia!!!

It’s mostly ’32 Fords but there are lots of other cars, too. They take over the town for a few days and then they’re gone…

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Vintage Cars of Victoria – Episode III

18 07 2016
rock and roll little souls may 28 2016 002

Episode III – The Rock & Roll for Little Souls Car Show is live on ShawTV and YouTube. It started years ago as a dance, and morphed into a car show, just like me – except I started as a jeweler and morphed into a car show host! We shot this one in less than 2 hours before the show opened. It features a wide variety of vehicles old and modern, all for the benefit of children in need of medical care. The next episode is on the planning stages, and will feature……


Kudos again to Shaw for their support and fine work in production.

Volksfest 2016

15 07 2016

Last weekend was the annual Volksfest here in Vintage*ville. I wandered around and had a great time seeing all the wonderful old VW’s. Some were pristine, others looked like they were washed with comet a few times too many, but even the old and worn had something special. How cool that a beat up old VW can have cachet!

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Car Show Alert – Sooke, BC

11 07 2016

This coming Saturday July 16th:


Here Comes Episode III

24 06 2016

Three weeks ago we shot Episode III of Vintage Cars of Victoria. We had only an hour and a half to shoot before the opening of the annual Rock & Roll for Little Souls Car Show, which meant we had to be perfect in our timing and execution. I’m happy to report that it went off without a major hitch, and the “film” is in the “can”, as they say in the “biz”. I’m getting the hang of movie lingo as you can see.

Here’s a preview of a few cool cars:

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More on The Pilot Shoot

2 12 2015

Shaw TV has been very gracious as far as helping me make my vintage car show come to reality. Orlando Carillo and crew gave a whole day of their time doing the filming. It is now in the editing phase and hopefully will be completed soon. Shaw also like my demo for the theme music “Movin’ On” so I recorded it with a six piece band. Christon Smith who owns the two Rolls Royce was also very accommodating, offering refreshments to warm the body and soul.

scene 1, take 3

scene 1, take 3