Deuce Days – Victoria 2016

26 07 2016

Last weekend was the Deuce Days here. It happens every few years but I heard this one may be the last. I hope not! It’s a great show, and people come with their cars from all over, like Australia. No kidding – Australia!!!

It’s mostly ’32 Fords but there are lots of other cars, too. They take over the town for a few days and then they’re gone…

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Volksfest 2016

15 07 2016

Last weekend was the annual Volksfest here in Vintage*ville. I wandered around and had a great time seeing all the wonderful old VW’s. Some were pristine, others looked like they were washed with comet a few times too many, but even the old and worn had something special. How cool that a beat up old VW can have cachet!

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Eye on the Street 1

12 02 2016

On my way to and from the shop I observe lots of interesting things. I always carry my pocket camera, which is tiny and convenient, unlike the big DSLR, which is heavy, and announces its presence. I like the little point and shoot; it’s non-threatening, and although not equal in terms of image quality, nevertheless enables me to grab pictures without feeling like I’m intruding on anyone’s space.

Old English Car Club of Victoria

16 09 2015


Sunday was a perfect day for taking pictures. A very good turnout by club members made for a happy event and this is reflected in the smiling faces. One of my favorite cars was the Delorean, which I hope to put in my second book, Vintage Cars of Victoria, vol.II.