Vintage Cars of Victoria – Episode III

18 07 2016
rock and roll little souls may 28 2016 002

Episode III – The Rock & Roll for Little Souls Car Show is live on ShawTV and YouTube. It started years ago as a dance, and morphed into a car show, just like me – except I started as a jeweler and morphed into a car show host! We shot this one in less than 2 hours before the show opened. It features a wide variety of vehicles old and modern, all for the benefit of children in need of medical care. The next episode is on the planning stages, and will feature……


Kudos again to Shaw for their support and fine work in production.

Volksfest 2016

15 07 2016

Last weekend was the annual Volksfest here in Vintage*ville. I wandered around and had a great time seeing all the wonderful old VW’s. Some were pristine, others looked like they were washed with comet a few times too many, but even the old and worn had something special. How cool that a beat up old VW can have cachet!

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Store Closing Sale

13 07 2016

For those of you here in Victoria, or as we like to call it, Vintage*ville (the * stands for whatever you want it to), I beg to draw your attention to the great store closing sale – mine! Yes, I am closing my custom jewellery shop and moving on to the next phase, which I fully intend to have filled with Vintage Cars and more. There is always more… so we hope.

Jim Sloan's 1960 Corvette

Jim Sloan’s 1960 Corvette

So if you haven’t been by, please do drop in soon, because there’s not much time left to get a screaming bargain on whatever jewellery I have left. It’s all half price, by the way. I’ll still be here on the web and producing more Vintage Car TV shows. The next one is going to feature that great icon of American muscle: The Corvette.


Car Show Alert – Sooke, BC

11 07 2016

This coming Saturday July 16th:


A Kind Letter

30 06 2016
me with the book at the GVPL Central Branch

me with the book at the GVPL Central Branch

Here is an email I received from a lovely lady who saw the article in the Vic News which I blogged about the other day. It is very gratifying to know that the book has brought joy to people. I thank you, Pat!

“A short while ago I read an article in Victoria News about you and your book “Vintage Cars of Victoria”. I found a copy of this book at the Public Library. I took the book to show my friend – a 1918 model fine Gentleman who was a member of the Victoria Chapter of the Vintage Car Club for many, many years. My friend got a lot of joy looking at the pictures and words you and your team have put together, with many comments about the cars he had driven and those he wished he had driven. Thank you again for the joy this book will bring to the grandparents and great-grandparents in Victoria and beyond. We look forward to Volume Two.”

find my book at the library

We’re in the News

28 06 2016

An article on me & my book from the Victoria News:

Author pens book on vintage car scene in Victoria

Victoria resident Joey Scarfone shows off his book Vintage Cars of Victoria, which is part of the Greater Victoria Public Library’s Local Emerging Authors Collection.

joey w book

— image credit: Kendra Wong/Victoria News

by  Kendra Wong – Victoria News

posted Jun 3, 2016 at 8:00 AM

In the past few years, Joey Scarfone has become one of the authorities on vintage cars in Victoria and was invited to join a local prestigious car club — all without owning a car.

Most recently, the Victoria resident published a 124-page book about vintage cars in the city. The book, Vintage Cars of Victoria, includes 55 cars (that are 25 years or older) ranging from a 1953 Volkswagen Beetle to a 1956 Meteor Rideau, and a 1958 Willys Jeep to a 1990 Lotus Elan SE.

“Walking to work, I saw beautiful cars all the time,” Scarfone said, adding this is the first book on vintage cars in Victoria to be published. “No one has done a book on vintage cars in Victoria. I just saw it as a niche that I could do.”

Winding down a 40-year career as a goldsmith, Scarfone decided it was time to reinvent himself and tap into the local vintage car scene. He started by attending a car show in Esquimalt where he introduced himself to dozens of local vintage car owners, many of whom volunteered to be included in his book.

Shortly after, the Old English Car Club, one of the oldest car clubs in Victoria, got wind of what he was doing and Scarfone was flooded with emails from people wanting him to feature their cars.

“There’s a huge history behind some of the cars because some of the people who had the cars, their parents were into the garages and dealerships 40, 50, 60 years ago,” he said, admitting at first, he was not a car person, but has since grown to appreciate them. “People who have old cars just love talking about them.”

Within eight-and-a-half months, Scarfone had a majority of his book complete. The only problem — he needed a car to transport his books. Last year, Scarfone became the proud owner of a 2003 Ford Escape.

Scarfone’s book is on display at the Greater Victoria Public Library’s central branch as part of the library’s Emerging Local Authors Collection. As part of the collection, authors from the south Island donate their self-published books and in return the library catalogues and puts them on display on a special feature shelf for a year.

Now in its second year, the collection has been very successful, featuring 123 local authors and 178 titles this year, ranging in age from eight to 80 years old, along with a variety of literature from fiction to non-fiction, and children’s books to poetry.

According to Rina Hadziev, collections and technical services co-ordinator with the library, the collection has been a success getting local authors’ work read by the public.

“Local is huge right now. Why wouldn’t you want to eat local, read local, buy local? It just made so much sense,” Hadziev said, noting the average circulation for a book in the collection was seven times in 11 months, meaning the books were being checked out every month and a half. Some were checked out as many as 20 times.

“It means overall the collection was out more than it was in. Everything went out at least a couple of times. It enables everyone to be a part of the library.”

Vintage Cars of Victoria can also be found at Munro’s, Ivy Books or online at For more information about the collection visit


Here Comes Episode III

24 06 2016

Three weeks ago we shot Episode III of Vintage Cars of Victoria. We had only an hour and a half to shoot before the opening of the annual Rock & Roll for Little Souls Car Show, which meant we had to be perfect in our timing and execution. I’m happy to report that it went off without a major hitch, and the “film” is in the “can”, as they say in the “biz”. I’m getting the hang of movie lingo as you can see.

Here’s a preview of a few cool cars:

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